MetaStar Strikers
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Treasury Management

BL is Off-Chain
One of the goals behind MetaStar Strikers is to go mass market and welcome as many users as possible, from traditional gamers to more crypto friendly enthusiasts.
We've planned several initiatives for this: Free to Play loop to onboard users more easily, a more frictionless login system with email and password and a focus on a fun and easy to learn gameplay.
Another feature we have planned for this is to put the in-game currency off-chain (i.e not listed in any exchanges nor on the blockchain), instead of being on-chain, like what a lot of other games are doing.
By being off-chain, the in-game currency (BL) will be similar to any other in-game currency like in most mobile games. This makes it a lot simpler to understand and more readable for our audience, when compared to the on-chain solution. Traditional gamers might not be too familiar with crypto, so they might become confused if the in-game currency was in fact an on-chain token.

BL -> $MSTAR Conversion

So you might ask: How will players earn money if BL is just an in-game currency?
Great question!
In MetaStar Strikers, players will earn BL currency by playing matches against other opponents. With this currency in their account, they can convert it to our on-chain governance token, $MSTAR. For this conversion to occur, the game will fetch $MSTAR tokens from the Treasury.
The conversion rate between both currencies will be dynamic, and will change following a curve that is dependant on the Treasury size. The more $MSTAR tokens inside the treasury, the better the conversion rate will be for the player, and vice-versa.
Our algorithm follows a curve that will never allow for the conversion rate to be 0. It might become worse than it was initially, but it will never reach 0, allowing for users to always be able to convert their currency into tokens.
This allows players to purchase BL through IAPs and convert to $MSTAR. The withdrawal/conversion process will be limited to certain moments in the player's lifecycle inside MetaStar Strikers, and could also be limited to certain amounts.
Treasury Purpose
The Treasury will initially store 20% of the total $MSTAR token supply, having the main goal of providing liquidity to users who want to convert their in-game currency to $MSTAR.
This is to guarantee that whenever a player wants to obtain $MSTAR tokens from BL, they will always be able to make a transaction, even if the conversion rate becomes less beneficial.
Treasury Refill
With the goal of giving back to the community in mind, part of the revenues that MetaStar Strikers generates will be allocated towards buying back tokens to be added to the Treasury.
This means that every time our team profits from an in-app purchase, a Digital Collectible transaction fee, or from other methods, a good part of those profits will be allocated to refilling the game's Treasury to ensure liquidity for our users.
Refilling the treasury means the conversion rate will be better for our users. Essentially, the more revenue the game generates, the better the conversion will be for players.
This part of the whitepaper is not final. Some changes might be applied during the game's development process.