MetaStar Strikers

Ball Coin - BL (In-Game Currency)

BL is the game’s in-game reward currency. It is an off-chain token with infinite supply, meaning it won't be listed in any exchange and won't be part of the blockchain. BL can be seen as a regular in-game currency like in any other mobile game.
BL is the main way players will be able to earn from MetaStar Strikers. Despite being an in-game currency, users will be able to convert it into $MSTAR tokens. More info on this can be found here Treasury Management.


  • Matches: Through beating opponents and winning matches, players will earn a small amount of BL tokens.
  • In-app Purchases: Our players will be able to purchase BL through the shop.
  • Tournaments: Each tournament will have a prize pool of BL tokens. The winner takes it all!


  • Purchase Striker Pack.
  • Purchase Striker F2P Pack.
  • Purchase Striker Cosmetics.
  • Purchase Stadium Cosmetics.
  • PvP Tickets.
  • Skill Tree Reset.
  • Special Ability Re Roll.
  • Merge and Tier Up Strikers.
  • Convert into $MSTAR.
This part of the whitepaper is not final. Some changes might be applied during the game's development process.