MetaStar Strikers

The MetaStar Metaverse

Our vision for MetaStar Strikers is way bigger than building just a football game - we aim to build a fully interoperable Sports Metaverse for the MetaStar brand.
This MetaStar Metaverse will include a wide range of different sports games - football, basketball, tennis, golf... - which will be valuable due to the following reasons:
  1. 1.
    All Digital Collectibles will be interoperable between all of the sports games built on the MetaStar Metaverse, adding more utility to the Collectibles (since they’re usable in more than one game).
  2. 2.
    The governance token ($MSTAR) and in-game currency (BL) will be the same across all MetaStar games, once again bringing more utility to the tokens.
  3. 3.
    The common brand in all the titles will add further value to our Metaverse, as players can come in from one of the titles, and play all the other games because they liked the first one.

More Games = More Utility

As we're planning more games, one for each sport, players will have different ways to enjoy the MetaStar Metaverse. Don't like football? No problem! We have tennis, basketball and golf coming soon.
Here are the currently planned games for the MetaStar Metaverse, with their provisional titles:
  • Football - MetaStar Strikers ⚽️
  • Basketball - MetaStar Hoops 🏀
  • Tennis - MetaStar Aces 🎾
  • Golf - MetaStar Hole in One ⛳️
Having a wide range of games in the same ecosystem allows there to exist a lot more utility in these assets, as players are allowed to use the Striker not just in MetaStar Strikers, but also in other titles.
Players will be incentivized to play other games in the MetaStar Metaverse, as there will be exclusive rewards for participating across several titles.

More Utility = More Value

We believe that utility brings value - and assets that are given more utility will not only appeal to a wider range of players, but they will also have a higher demand on the market.
We've seen previously how having more games inside our ecosystem brings more utility to the assets. This way we believe that all digital assets in the MetaStar Metaverse will have more value when compared to the same type of assets across similar games in the blockchain gaming space.