MetaStar Strikers

Online PvP Gameplay

Basic Gameplay

The fun for MetaStar Strikers comes mostly from its Online PvP Gameplay. After studying and playing some of the most popular football games for a long time, and being avid fans and experts of the football sport, we've gathered large amounts of expertise and info on the topic. We believe this to be the perfect product of what an Arcade style football game should be like.
The core gameplay comes down to the following elements:
  • 3v3 gameplay
  • Each player controls 3 Strikers
  • Goalkeepers act as NPCs which the player can't control
  • Each match lasts 2 minutes + overtime (in case of a draw)
  • Score the most goals to win!
We want to provide an easy to learn yet hard to master approach to our players, as we bring a very fun and casual gameplay to the table, but with enough depth in it for more hardcore players to enjoy and participate in highly intense and competitive matches. Each Striker will have its very own Skill Tree that players can customize to achieve different play styles, adding an extra layer to the game.
For MetaStar Strikers, we want outside influence to have no impact on the game, as we want to have an arcade feel. This means no referees and no rules whatsoever. Players will be able to tackle their opponents in whichever way they prefer without needing to worry about fouls and penalties, to collect the ball quickly. No offsides, throw-ins or corner kicks will be considered in MetaStar Strikers.


The basic controls for MetaStar Strikers are pretty straightforward:
  • Joystick controls for movement
  • When the ball is in the player's possession:
    • Shoot button
    • Pass Button
    • Special Button
    • Sprint Button
  • When the ball is in the opponent's possession:
    • Tackle Button
    • Switch Button
    • Special Button
    • Sprint Button
Dragging while holding the shoot/pass button will allow for a lobbed shot/pass, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game.
These controls unlock a depth that is much needed across casual football games, where now both casual and hardcore players can enjoy a truly fun and engaging experience.


Stamina, as part of one of the stats of each Striker, will have a tremendous impact in gameplay.
Lose Stamina:
  • When walking around the ball;
  • When sprinting with the ball (Stamina depletes at a faster pace);
  • When sprinting without the ball (Stamina depletes at a faster pace);
Gain Stamina:
  • When walking without the ball;
Players need to efficiently manage each of their Striker's stamina in order to maximize their performance in game. If your Striker runs out of stamina, it will slow down in pace for some time until it recovers back to normal. This becomes a tremendous disadvantage as players will need to strategize their plays to take stamina into account.

Meta Powers

Each Striker will have its very own Meta Power - a unique special ability that can only be used when a meter has been filled up. This meter will fill itself as time passes during the game.
Meta Powers come in different fashions and bring a force that will provide a significant advantage to the user after being used.
Players need to make different strategies and team setups in order to maximize their chances at victory. Some Meta Powers combine better with others, so make sure your team has the right set of Meta Powers to achieve victory!
More info on this can be found on the Strikerssection.