MetaStar Strikers

Leagues & Tournaments


Before getting into detail about Leagues & Tournaments, it's important to know more about Tickets.
In MetaStar Strikers, players will have access to Tickets in order to be able to participate in:
  • Ranked League Matches
  • Tournaments
Player can obtain Tickets in the following ways:
  • 1 Free Ticket per day
  • Winning Matches after spending a Ticket
  • Purchase in Shop
  • Tournament Rewards
The Tickets system is meant to guarantee stability in the number of entries into Ranked and Tournament matches. Spending players will have an easier and smoother access to these matches when compared to Free to Play users.
We want to ensure that the level of quality across these types of matches is higher, hence the barriers we've created with Tickets for the entry. This way, Ranked League Matches and Tournaments will be taken more seriously, as players feel like they are spending an important asset when playing. We value a balanced yet high level experience in these sort of matches.


Players will be mostly participating in Leagues in order to move forward in MetaStar Strikers.
The main type of match users will play will be Ranked League matches, being matched with opponents inside the same skill level, or inside the same Division.
Each League will last for a Season, which is expected to have a duration between 60-90 days. During this time, players can go up or down Divisions by playing matches, according to their performances.
At the end of the Season, rewards will be given out to users in line with how they performed over that Season. The better players perform, the better the rewards will be.

Divisions and Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

In order to provide the best playing experience to our users, we will have different Divisions in which players will be inserted according to their Matchmaking Rating.
As players win ranked matches, their MMR will go up. If they lose, their MMR will go down. The better you perform, the higher your MMR, hence the higher Division you will be in.
MetaStar Strikers will have between 5 to 10 Divisions, and players will be matched to other opponents that are in the same Division. At the start, all players will be inserted in the lowest Division, and as they play, they accumulate MMR to climb up Divisions.
This Divisions system is important to guarantee a fluid experience for all skill levels, and to not have frustrating match ups. If I'm a new player with a low skill level, if the matchmaking was random, I could be matched with a top level opponent, which would ruin my experience. So, initially, I will be matched with low level opponents to ensure it's a fair match. Same thing happens if I'm a highly skilled player. It wouldn't be a fun experience if I was matched against low level opponents as I would want a balanced and entertaining match.
Players will be able to customize their Stadiums (read more here Stadiums) in order to maximize its performance. Certain customization options will allow for idle training features to improve, as well as boost chances for certain stats to increase on level up, while others will just count as cosmetic parts for the Stadium.
Trophies (Digital Collectibles), which are a customization option for cosmetic purposes, will be distributed as Soulbound Tokens (SBTs), meaning that they are non-transferable once they are added to a user's wallet. This brings a sense of achievement and extra ownership, as players know that a specific Trophy belongs exclusively to them and they are the first and only owners. Soulbound Tokens are seen as a very important step towards Decentralization and Identity in the Metaverse.


As part of participating in Leagues, players will be rewarded with prizes. The higher the Division, the better the rewards, and same goes for the performance inside that specific Division.
Players are thus incentivized to play in Ranked Matches to earn better rewards at the end of the Season. We will also distribute rewards on a weekly basis, although the big prizes will be given out at the end of the Season.
Some of the rewards players can get from playing in Leagues:
  • BL Currency
  • $MSTAR Tokens
  • Exclusive cosmetics
  • Striker Pulls
  • Tickets
  • Trophies


As a way to add more variety in terms of competitions and an extra spice to the game, we will be having Tournaments.
In order to be able to participate, players need to spend some Tickets.
These competitions will be launched to our community by the MetaStar Strikers team, with new Tournaments being likely launched every week. And the setup is simple: players begin participating in Tournaments in the Round of 16 stage. If they win, they move on to the Quarter Finals, then Semi Finals, and at the end they reach the Final. The further a player goes in a Tournament, the better the rewards will be.
Some of these competitions will be themed or have certain entry contingencies, such as only Strikers with a specific Meta Power are eligible, or maybe only Strikers with certain Traits are allowed to participate.


Players participating in Tournaments will be matched with their opponents on only one condition: they need to be on the same stage of the competition. So, if a player is in the Semi Finals, then they can only be matched against opponents also looking for a match on the Semi Finals.
No other restriction is added, this means players of any skill level can be matched against each other. Tournaments are a tough and competitive place - be ready!


Similarly to what was mentioned on the Rewards section of the Leagues above, Tournaments will provide a slew of different rewards for players participating. The potential rewards list is very similar to the Leagues one, but in Tournaments, in case of a victory, the Trophies players get are a lot more valuable. Here's the list:
  • BL Currency
  • $MSTAR Tokens
  • Exclusive cosmetics
  • Striker Pulls
  • Tickets
  • Trophies

Hosting Tournaments

As we will se in the Clubssection further ahead, owners of Club will be able to host their very own tournaments for members and non-members of the Club. As the tournament host, you receive part of the ticket entries as BL. Clubs can only create a limited amount of tournaments (weekly) to avoid over saturation of tournaments. Tournament rewards depend on the Club's division.