MetaStar Strikers

In-Game Shop

MetaStar Strikers’ in-game economy is based on the BL currency. The main way to earn BL is through winning matches, Leagues and Tournaments. These earnings are based on the players' ranking and placement in Leagues and Tournaments.
There are 3 major base items that players will regularly use as they fundamentally change and progress into a highly varied gameplay experience. More can be added in the future to enhance the game’s systems and progression while retaining the fair and competitive aspect of the game.
These are the main essential In-Game Shop items:
  • PvP Tickets
  • Seasonal Striker NFT Pulls
  • Striker Meta Power Re-rolls

PvP Tickets

These are the base of the player's progression. Using Tickets allows players to participate in Ranked League Matches. Winning a match after using a Ticket awards players with Ranking Rating, Striker EXP,
BL and one extra Ticket.
Tickets are also required to enter Tournaments and, in most cases, multiple tickets are required to pay a tournament entry.
There are a number of reasons why players would want to buy these, but the priority of buying them can change depending on what type of player is playing.
Free to Play
If the goal is Striker Progression: - Players are given 2 free ticket entries every day. If the player performs well, he is able to keep progressing by spending the ticket to receive more rewards that allow him to develop Strikers.
If the goal is Stadium progression: - Since players can only enter Tournaments by spending tickets, Free to Play players must strategize on when they should spend their tickets. One important reason is for the tournaments since they can give really good rewards if the player performs well in that competitive scene (High Risk - High Reward).
Score & Own
Players that already have some kind of Digital Collectible are able to earn the benefits of the tickets without them in 2 ways:
  • Stadiums
    • If a player owns a Stadium, he is able to continuously receive rewards from wins without having to pay the Ticket fee. This makes it easier to stack tickets to be able to join tournaments more often and without the need to rationalize where to spend the tickets.
  • Strikers
    • Strikers work in a similar way to Stadiums but in a more controlled way. Each Striker present after a winning match receives the same bonus of having a tickets/3
    • This means that, if a player has a full team of 3 Strikers, he is able to receive all the rewards he would get if he had spent a ticket.

Seasonal Striker Pulls

This is one of two different ways players will be able to receive new Strikers, the other one being buying them directly from the marketplace.
Each time a Striker is created, it is assigned multiple random attributes.
  • Base Stats
  • Striker Meta Power
  • Striker Traits
  • Visual Looks

Base Pull Attributes

Many of the attributes and Meta Powers are core to the game and don't leave the base pull, meaning there is always a chance for a Striker to obtain them. These are called Base Pull Attributes (BPA)

Seasonal Pull Attributes

Every season brings a new Limited Striker Meta Power to the Seasonal Striker Pull rotation. This makes Striker pulls more appealing and makes it so that players experience more diversity with every season.
The goal of the seasonal rotation is to create a meta shift with every season by incorporating new Striker Meta Powers that can shake the players' play styles and create opportunities for the community to experiment with different combinations. This makes the game less stale as metas start to develop and making the game too predictable over the course of the game’s life span. Therefore, the Striker Meta Powers will be balanced carefully to avoid the emergence of one or few dominant strategies.
These seasonal attributes can also be purely cosmetic and can affect a Striker's visuals in unexpected ways, creating unique Strikers that can stand out very clearly.

Striker Meta Power Re-roll

Striker Meta Power re-roll allows for players who have a Striker with good base stats, but with a non optimal Meta Power to try and get a better one.
This is a core shop feature since we have new Meta Powers being released regularly and players can feel like power creeping might render their hard work being wasted on a Striker with a Meta Power way inferior when compared to a new one.
The pool of available Meta Powers is tied up to the current season’s pool, making it a player’s choice to roll an ability that might take a long time to be back into the season's pull rotation.