MetaStar Strikers



One of our goals with MetaStar Strikers is to go mass market. For this purpose, the onboarding for new users must be as frictionless as possible.
In order to be able to play the main Play To Earn games nowadays, players need to go through a very cumbersome process of loading (or creating) a wallet, buying crypto and bridging it to the game's currency. This whole process is very complicated, specially for non-crypto users.
We want to have a very Web2ish approach here, allowing users to first play the game without needing to go through any of these steps. They open up the game and they can immediately play and have fun. Whenever they want to get into the crypto side of things, the wallet connection will be a lot simpler: they'll use an email/password to connect with the game.
To achieve this, we're working closely with Voodoo (our investors), on a very simple approach to the wallet login process. We're confident this is a very important step to mass adoption of blockchain games, and we'll be one of the first games to do this.