MetaStar Strikers


Q: What is MetaStar Strikers?
A: MetaStar Strikers is a Score & Own game, where players will compete in online matches against opponents, winning matches, ranking up in leagues, customizing their stadium and building solid teams to be the best player around! The MetaStar Metaverse will begin with a football game, but will then expand to other sports like basketball, tennis or golf, unlocking a fully interoperable metaverse of tokens and Digital Collectibles.
Q: What are Digital Collectibles?
A: Also known as NFTs, Digital Collectibles are assets that provide a certain utility in-game. These guarantee players a sense of ownership and collection over the items, which was not possible in Web2 games.
Q: How many types of Digital Collectibles are there?
A: We will have 3 main types of Digital Collectibles: Strikers, Stadiums and Clubs.
Q: When can I buy a Digital Collectible?
A: We expect to launch our first Digital Collectibles in a closed sale for early members of the community, in Q3/Q4 2022. More sales will open up over the following months to more and more members.
Q: What will be the price of the Digital Collectibles?
A: At this moment we don't have a fixed price for our Digital Collectibles, given the current market situation and potential variations until the release of our Collectibles. What we can say is players can expect a relatively low entry barrier to the Score & Own loop. Once we have news on prices, we will announce it on our social media channels!
Q: Can I rent Strikers, Stadiums or Clubs?
A: Yes, players can rent their Strikers or Stadiums, however, we don't plan to enable the opportunity of renting Clubs, as these are more exclusive. Renting a Digital Collectible will follow a revenue sharing model.
Q: What is $MSTAR?
A: $MSTAR is MetaStar Strikers’ fungible governance token, giving voting powers in the DAO and control in the game's treasury, functioning as a long-term store of value. There will be a total supply of 500,000,000 tokens. You can find more info here MetaStar Token - $MSTAR (Governance).
Q: What is BL?
A: BL is the game’s in-game reward currency. It is an off-chain token, meaning it won't be listed in any exchange and won't be part of the blockchain. BL can be seen as a regular currency like in any other mobile game.
BL is the main way players will be able to earn from MetaStar Strikers. Despite being an in-game currency, users will be able to convert it into $MSTAR tokens. More info on this can be found here Treasury Management.
Q: Can you tell me more about the team building MetaStar Strikers?
A: Volt Games is the company behind MetaStar Strikers. We're a game development studio with over 3.000.000 downloads across football games we've built. The team is originally from sunny Lisbon, Portugal, with 4 founders having years of experience in the gaming space. Recently, we've began expanding worldwide and have a team in Brazil of 7 people. Volt Games is currently composed of 20+ people, all experienced and motivated towards crafting amazing experiences.
Q: On which platforms will I be able to play MetaStar Strikers?
A: We will initially launch the game on mobile devices (iOS and Android), and later we have plans to release on web and desktop.
Q: When will I be able to play MetaStar Strikers?
A: The team is working hard to release the game in time for the Qatar World Cup, starting in November 2022. We aim to soft launch the game to the most active members of our community and to some players in select regions.