MetaStar Strikers


Strikers are the main playable characters in MetaStar Strikers.
These can be used in all future games released under the MetaStar name and the idea is that their progression and characteristics get translated into each specific game's attributes.

What makes a Striker?

Strikers have multiple characteristics and traits:
  • Visual Look
  • Stats
  • Meta Power
  • Striker Type
  • Levels & Tiers
  • Lifespan

Visual Look

No Striker is equal.
Since Strikers have randomly generated values on creation, it is very unlikely they end up looking and playing in the same way.
The Visual Look is a very important feature of a Striker. It is composed of different layers which will be selected randomly:
  • Face
    • Eyes
    • Mouth
    • Nose
    • Eyebrows
    • Facial Hair
  • Skin
    • Color
    • Tattoos
  • Hair
There are a few other key visual features to a Striker which are customizable and can be changed, such as:
  • Hats
  • Outfit
  • Boots
  • Eyewear
Each Striker has 4 stats: Pace, Shooting, Passing and Stamina.
Given the nature of MetaStar Strikers, each stat will have an influence when players compete in matches, meaning Strikers with higher stats will perform better.
Pace - has influence over the movement speed of the player. The higher the pace stat number, the faster the player will move around the field.
Shooting - shot power and shot accuracy are affected by this stat, meaning that a high shooting stat number allows for a stronger and more accurate shot at goal.
Passing - passing between teammates will be more accurate, even allowing for correct long passes if the passing stat number is high enough.
Stamina - has influence over the energy of the player. Stamina is depleted as the player runs in game, and is restored when the player is not moving. If the stamina reaches 0, the player runs at 50% of its speed during a few seconds.
Each of the four stats of a Striker will have a Skill Tree associated with it. These will have unique skills that the player will unlock as they progress through the Skill Tree. 10 Stat Points will unlock 1 Skill Tree point. Players can then choose which of the skills inside the tree to unlock.
If players regret going down a certain path in a Skill Tree, they are allowed, at any time, to reset that progress by spending BL currency.

Meta Power

Another characteristic that Strikers have that allows them to be truly unique is their very own Meta Power, which can range from a wide list of possibilities, some more rare than others.
This Meta Power will have a unique impact on the gameplay: as time goes by in a Match, their Meta Power meter will go up. Once full, players can activate it, and it will produce a one of a kind outcome.
Meta Powers allow for players to come up with different strategies when picking their teams, as some Meta Powers combine better in a team than others. It truly opens a broad variety of different tactics.
If a user is not satisfied with their card's Meta Power, they can spend BL tokens in order to roll again their chances at getting a better Meta Power.

Striker Type

Strikers need experience to level up. This experience comes from winning games.
Every time a Striker levels up he receives 5 stat points that are distributed semi-randomly through the 4 stats: Pace, Shooting, Passing and Stamina.
Striker Types influence how likely it is for any of the 4 stats to receive and upgrade on level up.
There are 4 base types of Strikers that define 4 distinct ways a Striker plays:
  • Finisher (The Damage Dealer Archetype)
    • Main Stats: Shooting + Pace
  • Speedster (The Assassin Archetype)
    • Main Stats: Pace + Passing
  • Maestro (The Support Archetype)
    • Main Stats: Passing + Pace
  • Engine (The Tank Archetype)
    • Main Stats: Stamina + Shooting

Levels & Tiers

As Strikers play matches, they will obtain experience. With that experience, their Levels will go up. It can be assumed that the higher the Level of a Striker, the better it will perform in-game.
Tiers are ranges of Levels in which a Striker is inserted. The higher the Level, the higher the Tier it is in.
Levels go from 1-99 and Tiers go from 1-7.
Levels per Tier:
  • Tier 1: 1-25
  • Tier 2: 26-35
  • Tier 3: 36-50
  • Tier 4: 51-65
  • Tier 5: 66-75
  • Tier 6: 76-85
  • Tier 7: 86-99
At the start of a Striker's lifespan (Tier 1 & Level 1), it is able to gain experience and level up though Levels 1-25. As a Striker reaches the first Tier barrier (Level 25) the player is required to burn 2 other Tier 1 Strikers of his choosing to allow his target T1 Striker to Tier up to Tier 2.
The same system happens for all the following Tiers, two of the same Tier Strikers have to be destroyed to allow one target Striker to evolve to the next tier.
As the Striker tiers up, he is now able to gain levels again until he reaches the new Tier limit, in this case Level 35. At that point, the process repeats but this time the player is required to burn two Tier 2 Strikers.
This creates a huge funnel for Strikers as the player is required to either level up high tier Strikers by himself or buy them from the market to save time.


This is a complementary mechanic that would ensure a healthy and sustainable economy for Striker. The idea behind this mechanic is to ensure that players will always have something to strive for. In this case, to keep a high tier team of Strikers always available.
To do that, we are introducing a Lifespan system that limits how long any given Striker is able to stay in the game as well as how far it can progress individually. Unlike other games that simply destroy or disable their Digital Collectibles, we want to ensure that the player’s progression does not go to waste.
This is where Mentors & Legends come into play.
When a Striker reaches the end of its lifespan they get converted into a Retired, Mentor or Legend Digital Collectible. Retired/Mentors/Legends are no longer able to participate in matches although they can be traded.
Their main utility is to be used as a burning mechanism for Strikers to tier up with some added benefits. Normally, to tier up a Striker you must feed it 2 of the same Tier Strikers but now, if the player owns a Retired/Mentor/Legend, he is able to use it instead.
By using a Retired/Mentor/Legend to tier up, the target Striker will jump to the same Tier as the Retired/Mentor/Legend that was burned.
This allows players to transfer progression between Strikers as well as allowing new strikers to start at higher starting points early in their lifespan.
Tier Titles:
  • Tier 1-Tier 3: Retired
  • Tier 4-Tier 5: Mentor
  • Tier 6-Tier 7: Legend
Disclaimer: Work in progress.