MetaStar Strikers


MetaStar Strikers brings Stadiums so that players feel they have their own hub, home or land, where they can manage their assets and define their team's tactics and playing style.
A Stadium is valuable to have for a number of different reasons. If a player owns one, they'll be able to grind their Striker's stats more quickly, and how cool is it to show off your own Stadium to your opponents?
In the Free to Play loop, players will be able to play in the default Stadium, however, this one is not a Digital Collectible and has barely any features when compared to the Stadium (Digital Collectible).

What is a Stadium's added value?

  • Customization
  • Idle Training
  • Play in your own Stadium


If a player is the owner of a Stadium, he will be able to fully customize it.
A Stadium is divided into different slots, and in each of these slots users can add different items so that their Stadium looks the way they've always envisioned it.
There's two types of customization:
  • For Looks
  • For Stats
Players can customize their Stadiums with items like a different football, different looking goals, more stands for fans, color of the grass etc. (for the Visual Look of the Stadium), and they can also add special items like Trophies which will give a unique boost in a Striker's progression.
These special items give different boosts, depending on their type, but never will they have an impact on the gameplay:
  • XP boost increase
  • Increased chance of a certain stat receiving a stat boost on level up
  • BL increase on wins
Having these items on a Stadium will not only give you progression incentives, but it will also look tremendously good when your opponents visit your Stadium.

Idle Training

Unlike the default Stadium, Stadiums allow for players to allocate Strikers to training slots inside the Stadium. This makes it so Striker's stats progress at a faster pace.
This unlocks a lot of different strategies and enables users to grow more diversified teams, instead of sticking with their 3 Striker setup, because now they'll be able to grind more Strikers' stats without playing with them.
It's expected that a Stadium will have 3 Striker Training slots, and they will passively, over time, level up and grow their stats according to their Striker Type and the Stadium's special items setup.

Play in your own Stadium

In real-life football, there's a clear advantage when a team plays in their own stadium. They play at home, with their fans, they feel the overwhelming support and there's just something that pushes the home team to victory more than when playing away.
We want to bring that same home feeling to MetaStar Strikers. When players own a Stadium, they don't have any gameplay advantages, but they do play in their home turf, which feels quite nice, and it's also a good feeling to host other players in your own Stadium, so they see how you've arranged it.
Disclaimer: Work in progress.