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A Club in world football is the highest level of passion, movement and competition. Fans are moved by their club's achievements. They follow their clubs wherever it goes. They watch every match. Players represent the badge on their chest like it's the most important thing they do.
We wanted to bring this same level of attachment to MetaStar Strikers, and that's why we're introducing Clubs.
As the Stadiums represent the players’ home, Clubs will represent their identity. Players want to have a badge they can play and fight for, something they can relate with.
A Club will include the following:
  • Stadium: In short, we could say that a Club is a more premium version of the Stadium, where players will have access to all of its previously mentioned features, plus some more.
  • Badge: Each Club will have its own unique badge. This is nothing more than the symbol that players fight for when playing matches in MetaStar Strikers. The badge will be generated from a set of layers selected randomly. Ideally, members of a Club will wear the Club’s outfit when playing matches.
  • Members: The Club's owner will be able to select some players to be playing under the Club’s name. All matches played by the Club’s members will add to the Club’s overall results panel, which basically represents its credibility, score or level of quality in MetaStar Strikers.
  • Fans: The main way players can interact and support their favourite club is by watching their games. To do so, they are required to pay a small BL fee to enter as spectators to their matches. As a player registers as a spectator for a match he must choose which side he thinks will win. If he correctly bets on the winning team he is awarded with BL. 1/4 of the BL pool that was betted by the spectators goes towards the winning club. The rest of the amount gets distributed towards the correct predictors of the match result.
  • Tournament Hosting: Owners of a Club can create and host their very own tournaments for members and non-members of the Club. This creates more opportunities for players to earn tournament rewards more frequently. As the tournament host, you receive part of the ticket entries as BL. Clubs can only create a limited amount of tournaments (weekly) to avoid over saturation of tournaments. Tournament rewards depend on the Club's division.
Why will players want to own a Club or be a member in one?
Owning a Club gives players a sense of power and credibility like no other. The Club is the highest level of success in MetaStar Strikers, it’s the elite!
Our vision here is for Clubs to create small clans and groups of players that want to play together for their badge. They will get a sense of passion for playing for a Club, and there’s also the earn aspect.
Clubs will participate in exclusive Club Divisions, which are essentially leagues in which they will compete to finish in the top spots. The higher a Club finishes at the end of the season, the more rewards it will get. And what will happen to those rewards? All members (and the owner), will receive a split of these, with the owner receiving a bigger portion than any other member of course.

Club Divisions

In order to promote teamwork and companionship inside a Club, each Club will be allocated to a division correspondent to its overall results history.
There will be between 5-10 Club Divisions. Division rewards and positions are locked and given whenever a Season ends. Each Season has a certain duration. Whenever the Division ends, the top performing Clubs will go up one Division, and under performing Clubs will de relegated to the Division below.
The rewards given out to a Club at the end of a Division will be distributed to its members and to the owner as well (the owner receives more).