MetaStar Strikers

Score & Own

The Score & Own loop is where players will truly be able to have real ownership over their assets and earn an interesting amount of money from playing MetaStar Strikers. The gains users obtain will not be life changing amounts, however, these can be seen as incentives to keep playing and perhaps make back part of the investment they put into the game.
MetaStar Strikers is Score & Own and not Score & Earn because we want our players to come play for the fun aspect, and not to earn a quick buck. Own highlights the ownership part of the game, and removes the casino like vibes of the naming Earn, which would bring a portion of users which are not desirable - those that play MetaStar Strikers only to make money.
Most things in this loop are relatively similar to the Free To Play one. However, by getting inside the Score & Own loop, players will unlock the following features:
  • Participation in Ranked League Matches & Tournaments
  • Grind and train Strikers in Idle mode
  • Can earn BL currency by playing matches
  • If the player has a Stadium, they can further customize it with cosmetics and other items that boost a user's performance
Essentially, participating in the Score & Own loop unlocks the more competitive side of MetaStar Strikers, as well as the possibility to earn BL currency which are the earning mechanism in the game, allowing for players to make purchases in the In-Game Shop.

How to unlock the Score & Own loop

In order to be able to unlock the Score & Own loop, players will need to acquire one of the game's Digital Collectibles: Striker, Stadium or Club.
Whatever the Digital Collectible they purchase is, they will immediately begin benefiting from this loop's advantages and features. However, there's a small difference from purchasing a Striker or a Stadium/Club.
If a player purchases one Striker, they will earn one third (1/3) of the BL earnings. If they purchase two, that'll be two thirds, and if they end up purchasing three or more, they'll obtain all the BL currency they would be entitled to. In the case of purchasing a Stadium or a Club, players will immediately obtain the maximum amount of BL earnings they could get from playing in matches.