MetaStar Strikers

Free To Play

Inside the Free To Play loop, players will be allowed to enjoy a large part of what MetaStar Strikers can offer.
In very simple terms, any user that just downloaded the game will be able to play in Online Matches against other opponents. There are two main limitations here:
  • Not eligible for Ranked League Matches or Tournaments
  • Can't earn BL currency
Players will be given 3 Strikers (not Digital Collectibles) to use in matches. As they win these matches they will earn Tickets (read more here Tickets). By using these obtained Tickets, players will be eligible for Ranked Matches and Tournaments, thus allowing for players to have a glimpse at some of the features inside the Score & Own loop, at a slower pace. Users are incentivized to play and grind their stats (or purchase a Digital Collectible) to have access to all the game's features.

Why Free To Play

MetaStar Strikers is built for everyone. Coming from the Mobile Free To Play space, we recognize the importance of opening up the game to as many people as possible and allow everyone to enjoy a fun and compelling game.
A lot of other blockchain based games have players spend large sums of money before they are able to play the game. This is bad for two different reasons:
  • Players spend before they know if the game is fun
  • Players play the game for the earn aspect because they don't even know if the game is fun
By having a Free To Play loop, users are able to check if the game is fun before they make a significant investment. If the game is truly fun, we'll be able to transfer a lot more users from non-paying to paying users, because they will remain engaged with the game, just like the traditional mobile games in Free To Play.


Aligned with our mission to onboard as many people as possible, we are working closely with our partners Voodoo and Venly to provide a seamless and frictionless experience.
The typical login process in a blockchain game is very complex and confusing - users need to create a wallet that is compatible with the game, connect it with the game, add cryptocurrency to it (likely ETH), and convert that into the game's own cryptocurrency. This is already a very difficult process for people used to the blockchain world. Now imagine how complicated it will be for more traditional gamers, older people or teenagers.
We want to reduce this complexity by having a very simple and classic email/password login. With this login, users will be given their very own wallet and be able to more easily enjoy the game.
This is a very important step to onboard the masses and reduce the friction that's existent in the blockchain gaming space.