MetaStar Strikers
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Digital Collectible Pre Sales

Revenue streams will be generated upon the Pre Sale of different Digital Collectibles. These Collectibles will be Strikers, Stadiums and Clubs.

Transaction Fees

From every marketplace transaction that happens between users, we will take a cut, between 4-5% of the price of that sale.

Brand Deals

Based on the popularity and appeal of the football IP, we can strike deals with popular brands around the globe, and showcase them in game, in placements like stadium banners and player outfits. We plan on giving a share of these profits to our players as well, based on the visibility of the brands.
By having tournaments in game, it's a great opportunity to have huge tournaments (over 128 people), that are sponsored by a brand. This sponsorship will allow for the stadium where the tournament is happening to be fully customizable by that brand.