MetaStar Strikers

Growth & Marketing

Community Management

Discord will be our main medium towards building and managing a strong community around MetaStar Strikers. In our Discord channel we will run different activities that will strongly engage our active community, and promote new members joining in. We will be doing frequent giveaways of unique Digital Collectibles, do different contests and engage the community to be active in MetaStar Strikers' development.
In order for members to increase their chances in giveaways, they'll have to invite friends to the Discord channel, thus further increasing the number of total members.
The team will also be frequently launching articles on Medium to better explain the project's developments and goals, and promote the game and its Discord channel using Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.
We are confident that an engaged community will organically spread the word amongst friends and followers.

Football Players Marketing

We have strong connections with popular football players, and we're ambitious that we can land a few interesting deals with some of these, specially Portuguese players, as brand ambassadors.

Influencer Marketing

Strong influencers in the football, gaming and crypto spaces will be a good way to grow the game's audience.

Football Clash - Mobile Soccer Cross Promotion

We can carry over a large chunk of the +200.000 monthly active users in our game Football Clash - Mobile Soccer to MetaStar Strikers.