MetaStar Strikers
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Get ready to Score & Own in MetaStar Strikers!

In MetaStar Strikers, players are immersed in an electrifying football world, using exclusive Strikers, in intense matches via real time online multiplayer with friends and other people.
Each Striker has 4 base stats - Pace, Shooting, Passing and Stamina. Players are tasked to take their Strikers into intense online matches in order to boost these stats. The higher the stats of a Striker, the better it will perform in gameplay.
MetaStar Strikers will also have Stadium as another type of in-game asset. Owning a Stadium will give more customization options as players will be able to purchase stands, new goals, balls and other elements to upgrade their Stadiums. Players will be able to assign some of their Strikers to training stations inside each Stadium, allowing players to earn experience on their stats in a passive way.
The game will feature 2 different core loops:
  • Free To Play: Included to more easily onboard new players, allowing them to play the game and have fun with it, without needing to invest any money in the game.
  • Score & Own: Unlocked once a player has purchased either a Striker or Stadium. Allows players to participate in ranked matches, convert BL into $MSTAR, as well as a range of other features.
Players can take a key part in the game's future development decisions by owning $MSTAR, which functions as a governance and staking token. Once our DAO is implemented, holders of $MSTAR will have votes in important decisions for the game.
All in all, MetaStar Strikers is a football game where players can have a fun time while collecting different Striker, boosting their stats, selling them, buying new ones and overall managing all the Digital Collectibles at their disposal, as well as purchasing Stadiums, playing online matches and upgrading the Stadiums’ visual looks.

Why Football?

The team behind MetaStar Strikers is composed by fans and experts of the world of football. Besides being avid fans of certain football clubs, the team has past experience in releasing successful football games:
  • Super Crossbar Challenge: part of the founders team released this football game in 2017, when it was featured by Apple and Google on their front pages as ‘New Games we Love’. This allowed the game to gather over 1.5 million downloads in a short period of time. The game is a 2D game version of the highly popular social media crossbar challenge, where players are tasked to shoot the ball at the crossbar;
  • Football Clash - Mobile Soccer: in 2021, the team released this online multiplayer game, with a 1v1 free kick gameplay, backed by a robust cards and pack opening system, similar to FIFA. The game has low CPIs (0.25$), a high and stable retention rate (45% D1 and 12% D7) and +200.000 Monthly Active Users.
We also believe football, as a globally recognized IP, to be a highly organic source of downloads for a game, allowing for more players to come in and easily relate to the whole ecosystem of MetaStar Strikers, and be much more committed to investing their time in the game, similarly to what other popular football games have shown.

Fun First

We're a game development studio with over 3.000.000 downloads across football games we've built. Backed by this track record in this genre, our top priority is to build a fun and engaging game. Through the usage of blockchain technology, adding tokens and Digital Collectibles will introduce a very interesting layer to a game that is already fun to play and accessible to a wide audience.

Digital Collectibles vs NFTs

There’s a lot of things happening in crypto, Web3 and NFTs that has to do with speculation. To us that is rather unfortunate because the part that gets us excited is the collecting, the utility, and the ownership of a digital asset.
The average person doesn’t understand and doesn’t care what an NFT is. So, it’s not about replacing a term, it’s just trying to explain it in a way that’s more consistent with the use case that gets us excited as opposed to the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. That’s where the term Digital Collectible is more useful when compared to the wording NFT, because it’s inherently understandable on its face, and it gets to the fun, engaging side of collecting and owning something.
Disclaimer: The information mentioned in this white paper is subject to change in order to guarantee the best playing experience to our players, when it comes to the game's content, gameplay or the overall economy of the game.
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